Want to buy one of my paintings or Prints? 

The price is as shown here (but excludes delivery/postage).  Just go to the "Contact" page and let me know what you would like and we can agree how best to sort things out.

Want me to paint something for you? 

I am happy to paint any animal, pet, person, object, old master or scene you want.  All I need is a good quality digital photograph that you have taken (or is in the public domain on the internet).

The photograph needs to be digital (so you can email it to me), high quality, clear and detailed (not low resolution or with lots of dark shadows).  Ideally give me a range of photographs, then I can capture more of the character.  I can alter the background and make other changes as you wish.

The painting will be in acrylic &/or oil paint and can be on canvas board to be framed, or a stretched canvas on a wooden structure which can hang directly on a wall without a frame.

I can provide frames and mounts or you can just buy the picture and frame it yourself.

Other FAQs:

What Do You Need to Give Me?  If you want just a reproduction painting, then all I need to know initially is the artist's name, the painting's name, how big you want it, what materials you would like used, and if you want it framed, non-framed or deep edged ready to hang.  Its similar for the personalised portrait, but in addition I also need a good quality digital photograph of the subject.

What Materials are Used?  I paint in oils and/or acrylics on 100% cotton good quality canvas.

Will it be You Painting This?  All painting are 100% hand painted by me.  There is no computer generation, it is not a print (unless sold as one), canvas transfer, giclee, paint on prints, hand embellished, brushstroke enhanced, etc.​

What Famous Paintings Are You Allowed to Reproduce?  Most copyright lasts the lifetime of the artist + 70 years from when they die.  So virtually all paintings painted by artists who died before 1948 are in the public domain and can be reproduced.  

How Accurate Will Your Painting be?  As I am only human, I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy in every layout and/or colour detail.  However, I am passionate about creating the nearest possible reproduction to the original.

How Long Does it Take?  This will depend upon a number of factors, such as how busy I am (it is only me, not an army of artists and I paint part time), how large the canvas is, how complex the painting is, and how long the paint takes to dry (oils can take weeks to dry, acrylics days).  I can advise you once I know what you are after.

When do I pay?  If the painting is less than £100, you pay at the end.  If it is over £100 I ask for a 20% deposit before I start.  I ask for full payment before delivery or upon collection.

What If I Don't Like the Finished Painting?  I work on satisfaction guaranteed.  Once the painting is finished I can send you a photograph to check everything is OK before delivery.  Once delivered, if you really do not think the painting is good enough, return it within 15 days and I will give you a full refund.

What About Delivery?  If you live in Dorset, then we can probably arrange hand delivery/collection.  Otherwise I would probably use Royal Mail or a courier service depending upon size, and then charge "at cost" which can be advised at the beginning.

How Much Will it Cost Me?  The all important question:

The prices below are for guidance only and are for acrylic or oils on canvas board unframed.  

Up to 12" x 16" painting size can be framed, or painted on stretched canvas on a wooden structure (0.5" or 1.5" depth un-framed) for an extra £10.  

Stretched canvas and framing above 12" x 16" -  I can give you a no obligation price.

The final price and size would be agreed before I start painting, along with the finish date. 

  PAINTING SIZE:                               1 Subject    2 Subjects      3 Subjects      Multiple Subjects or a scene   

   5" x 7" (127 x 177mm)                         £35              N/A            N/A                         N/A   

   6" x 8" (152 x 203mm)                         £45              N/A            N/A                         N/A   

   8" x 10/12" (203 x 254/304mm)         £55              £60              N/A                         N/A 

   10" x 12" (254 x 304mm)                     £65              £70              N/A                         N/A   

   12" x 16" (304 x 406mm)                     £70              £80              £90                          N/A   

   16" x 20" (406 x 508mm)                     £80              £90              £100                        £130  

   20" x 30" (508 x 762mm)                     £100            £120            £140                        £TBA   

   For larger size paintings it is best to contact me and we can agree a price, but £150-£300 is a guide  

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